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Blanket Fort Foundation

The blanket fort in this image was made by the Foundation's family members in 2011.

Mission Statement

Blanket Fort Foundation, informed by our family’s Jewish values, supports education, basic needs, and increasing economic opportunities for children and families in Baltimore and beyond.

Volunteers Packing Food


Core Values

Volunteers Packing Food


We believe that working and being in community matters and that communities should play the leading role in shaping their own change.


We believe that learning is essential for every human being to be able to lead a successful life and we aspire to continually learn and evolve as a good partner and effective foundation.

Justice & Equity

At the core of our philanthropic efforts, we hope to move the needle towards ever-increasing fairness and justice; we commit to working with respect, understanding, and humility to further this vision.

Our Name

Our name, Blanket Fort Foundation, reflects the warmth, joy, and positivity we bring to philanthropy, as well as the comfort, safety, and security that all children deserve. Our family created countless blanket forts growing up, and we hope it makes others smile as they envision the creation of childhood blanket forts, too. Just as a blanket fort must be sturdy and secure in order to exist, we hope that our foundation will have similar strength for the duration. Blanket Fort Foundation is in a time of healthy (and happy!) transformation as we develop more intentional strategies and funding priorities along with streamlined & useful systems and processes. Over the course of the past year, we have worked hard together to identify core values for the foundation, create a mission statement, and set clear, guiding funding areas. The Foundation is also in the process of formalizing its board structure, grant process, and evaluation and learning system. We aim to use a racial equity lens and include principles from trust-based philanthropy throughout this work.

Image by Sdf Rahbar
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